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Caleb Hobbs:
I have a number of magazines I’d like to get rid of – 25 True West, 5 or 6 Old West, and some odds and ends, such as a 1990s Old West magazine and a Tombstone Epithet with a piece on The Apache Kid. All are in good condition; most are in excellent condition. Price was $65 for the lot, and I’ll pay shipping. I'll drop it to $40 for the lot, and I'll still pay shipping. If I have some extra room in the box, I’ll include some other publications. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for looking.

Caleb Hobbs:

River City John:
also consider donating them to libraries, hospitals, Care Homes, etc., if no takers.

Caleb Hobbs:
I use to donate my magazines and some books to a local senior center, but since COVID, they won't accept them. I suspect hospitals would be the same. I hadn't thought of our library. That might be worth checking.

I’ll take them



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