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Christmas Leftovers


Hi All,
Made turkey stock at Christmas for some cornbread stuffing and opted to stash the wing bones.   Had done some research and found out that wing bone calls had been made by natives at least back to 2000 B.C.   I pulled the bones out and trimmed the ends and reboiled them to get out the marrow, then let them dry.   Used a mixture of hide glue and sawdust to seal the joints (in full disclosure, a drop of krazy glue held them in place because I did not have the patience to hold them).   When dry used Elk sinew and more hide glue around the joints.    I am not a turkey hunter and not a pheasant plucker (but pretty sure I saw my dad pluck one or two), but I have a friend who gives me morels who hunts and a brother in law who gives me the wild turkey legs and thighs, so these are gifts.

Tascosa Joe:
Very nice.


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