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Still looking for Uberti grips.

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Virgil Lantey:
Want to buy Cimarron model P/ Uberti Cattleman, one piece, steel backstrap factory grips. Let me know if you have a set to part with.

Howdy H.  You likely know this, but the grips are fitted to the grip frames at the Uberti factory before finishing.  A used factory grip (or even a new one) will assuredly NOT fit perfectly and likely not real close.  If the grip was removed from a gun, it will have a slightly better chance of fitting than a new one.  Fitting grips is not rocket science, but on wood grips it means you have to file/sand through the finish and stain, and you can't touch those up very well.  So you end up needing to refinish the whole grip.  That is not necessarily bad, some folks like to refinish them with an oil finish anyway.

Virgil Lantey:
Thanks, Abilene. Yes, I'm expecting to have to do some fitting but I plan to strip the entire finish anyway.

It's strange.  With CNC machinery making everything you'd think it would be closer.  I worked for Cimarron, and they had some Model P's for a year or so that had 2-piece screwed on checkered plastic grips with a medallion.  They had some internal spacer thingies so they would fit on the grip without needing a locator pin.  Well the design was crap.  They cracked and broke fairly easily, and too easy to crack when tightening the grip screw.  Some came out of the boxes new with cracks.  Well Uberti supplied a bunch of replacement grips, and they all fit perfectly!  So dang, why can't they do that with the wood grips?  Since you are refinishing, you should be good to go.  A lot of people have changed theirs out for faux-ivory and such, so shouldn't be too hard to find someone with an extra set.  Good luck.

Virgil Lantey:
 Thank you, sir! If I can't find a set I'll be hoping that VTI has some in stock. I'll be calling them tomorrow.



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