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Netflix-The Harder They Fall

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So I was hanging around to see if anyone brought this up, it is a primarily Black Western .   I watched it on a flight recently and enjoyed it.   Similar in style to some Spaghetti Westerns, written and directed by an English musician, (Musician Seal's brother) who is a big fan of the Western Genre (really think most Europeans like them better than the average American, not that any of us would fall in the Average category).
It had some good gun fights.   Delroy Lindo looked like Bass Reeves, and I have always enjoyed him.   Overall, an enjoyable western.   

Big stylistic mistake was a gundown on the train and all of a sudden all these spent cases are falling on the floor.   That would make sense in a modern film with a semi-auto, but does not really make sense in a western and 6-guns.   I wrote that off as music video styling mistake.   

All I can say is I hope it brings in more fans and shooters.

Professor Marvel:
My Dear Mog
Being bored, I will go check it out.
Now I Ave to look for the cartridge case scene!
Perhaps someone dumped a breaktop?

Prof mumbles

Well, I hope I do not steer you wrong, but it was nice to see a western being made and I enjoyed it.   Oh, it would have been about 2 dozen open tops.    I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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Baltimore Ed:
Watched it last night. Enjoyed it. Lots of angst and revenge. Kind of West Side Story meets Sukiyaki Western Django meets Blazing Saddles directed by Spike Lee? Maybe? I would have added Sergio Leone but this movie doesn’t take itself too seriously. Has some good bits in it though. Loved the ‘white’ town. Another off the wall westernish film is The Good, The Bad and The Weird.

Capt Quirk:
I enjoyed it mostly. Good characters, good story, good acting. Not thrilled with the music though. Laghed mao at the white town. But one thing I didn't go in expecting, was tons of historical accuracy. Doing that will just drive a person nuts.

Kinda like watching The Dark Tower, where the hero has a modified open top that takes cartridges... from a speed loader. Just maddening.


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