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WB last Saturday


Baltimore Ed:
ECSASS had a WB/CAS shoot last Saturday. We had 8 WB shooters and 5 cowboys, shot all 6 stages and the weather was terrific. I used my trusty Marlin 1894 CL, a copy of Crazy Lee’s M12 riot and a AO 1911. Only had one pistol miss on the last scenario with no p’s. Never broke 30 seconds but came close a couple times. Only had 2 stages of pistol with 15 rds [we do 5 rd mags as cas shooters are shooting too, keeps it simpler for the spotters] the rest were 10 rds. Shotgun was light with 4 rds on each stage. Some of the shooters were complaining about not being able to find shells. I build my own so I’ve got plenty. I managed to come in first place WB and shot it duelist against modern shooters too. Curious how I did overall but scores haven’t been posted yet.
Had an idea on the way home from the shoot after talking to another shooter. I am going to try using SRP in about 125 small primer pocket .45acp and 80 .455 Mk2 brass that I’ve got. I’m down to 2000 LPP but have 7000 SRP. I’ll have to use the large pistol primers in my cas rifles as I don’t have a .38 rifle. I haven’t figured out how to do a 25 thousands spacer under the .455 brass to get the .455s to work in my Vaqueros yet. Of course they work fine in my Webley, Colt and Smith DAs.

SRP's work fine in 45acp sp pocket brass.
The only ones I don't use are the REM 7 1/2 and other BR primers as they are a bit pricey for acp.

Tuolumne Lawman:
A Webley in .455 is on my short list...I kn ew a Clark Co. Washington deputy sheriff in the 1980s that used a .455 Webley as a duty weapon.  He had speed loaders for it and did reloads as fast as the auto loaders. Shot .454" hollow points.


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