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Wild Bunch or More The Barracks

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Major 2:
I'm not sure if this is of interest to Wild Bunch or more to The Barracks

I had never seen these or knew they existed, but found it quite interesting
1911 Navy Pistol Racks , they are two sided ( holds 6  1911's )
 this particular sold for $195 on the COLT  Forum.

So I did a little search, and found 3 more listed on eBay at   :o  some big dollars .

Sure is a new one to me!


 :)  Well Now  ;)

Now that we (some of us) have seen them, a rather simple design easily duplicated.

I do wonder where they have been hiding all these years though.

Lets Play Safe Out There

Major 2:

I spent 20 years in the navy. Every ship had these. .45s were stored in them in the ships armory. 



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