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Going to my first Wild Bunch match!

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Tuolumne Lawman:
I am headed to the "High Sierra Shoot Out" annual match at Railroad Flat, CA on Memorial day weekend.  On Thursday, they are holding a Wild Bunch match, before the main match 12 stages begins on Friday.  Got my Rock Island dialed in, a stack of magazines, my 18.5" original Winchester 1897, and my 1860 Henry .44-40. 

Ther Rock Island loves the 230 grain lead over 5.1 grains of WW231.  I'll be shooting in style!

I have been going to this match most years since 1995.  It is almost an annual religious pilgrimage for me.

Well don't wear yourself out before the main match!  ;D  You will probably be the only Henry shooter.  :)  Does the '97 hold six? 

My WB 1911 load has been a 230gr over 4.8 W231 which has always run great in my Cimarron (Armscor) gun.  It gave me a 167 Power Factor the one time I had it chronied.  I still have a lot of those loaded, but have dropped the charge to 4.4 gr of 231 to see what those chrono at when I next get the chance.  You can be assured of making PF with 5.1gr !

Tuolumne Lawman:
Nope, mine holds 5.  It's the removable barrel model and the rotating gizmo up front cuts it to 5.  I even tried to use a different follower to get 6 in.

I ordered one of the 6 round conversion kits, but not sure if it will be here in time.

Sir Charles deMouton-Black:
I reload for my .97. Cut old AAs to 2 3/8" and roll crimp. They load 6 and feed very well. See if factory 2.5" light shells are available. They might load 6?

My Chinese Cimarron '97 held 6 when new.  My IAC '97 and my solid frame 1914 vintage '97 I just cut some of the mag spring, and my 1911 vintage takedown '97 somebody already cut the spring, so they all hold 6. 



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