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Made a Quiver and Arrow

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Ol Gabe:
Very nice and utilitarian quiver, it looks like it will give many years of service.
Just out of simple curiosity, what did you use to form the arrow holder section of your quiver?
Best regards and good stitching!
'Ol Gabe

Hi OG,
I. Used a paper tube.  My father ran a paper tube company, so I still have bits and pieces left.   It was a four inch diiameter tube that just slid down in. The fur on the interior hid it.

A little more clarification.  I only used the tube for display (which sadly was what it was made for).  It was to hang next to a mounted buck that had been taken during archery season.   I have heard the arrow rests across the antlers.   I designed it with a double thickness of leather on bottom, so the quiver could be used.   Their was enough of a lip of the fur, stitched in the upper interior to hold a properly cut length of tube in place.   It gives the quiver a bit of stiffness and depth.  I have a medieval one I made for a friend to use, the veg-tan leather is stiff enough to hold the shape.


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