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Anyone have a "floating firing pin" Uberti SAA replica?

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cpt dan blodgett:
Took my brand new shiny 5.5 inch cattlemen in 44-40 to the range Wednesday. It has the much maligned floating firing pin. Pistol clocks just fine. Was it 3 clicks or 4 in  I did go boom every time with cci large pistol primesall the excitement I  kinda lost count. It did go boom every time with CCI large pistol primers. Groups centered left and right ab9ut 2 inches low with 6.4 grains of A#2 under a 200 grain desperado bullet. Is it a true authentic 1873 colt revolver. No it just looks like and shoots just fine even with the floating firing pin and only 3 clicks


--- Quote from: Coffinmaker on February 02, 2017, 02:44:23 PM ---Abilene!!

Say it isn't so!!  PLEASE!!  That is just SO INSANE!!  Also STUPID.  And DUMB!!  Have Uberti lost their collective minds??


--- End quote ---

In a word... ...YES.    I just bought 2 Pietta that are awesome right out of the box.

cpt dan blodgett:
Follow UP  I obtained an older model Uberti with floating firing pin.  The ones with 4 click hammer and slots in the hammer where one can see the strut and some of the other mechanizm in the hammer.  It has functioned flawlessly with my reloads using CCI large pistol primers.  The older pistol hammer cocks noticeably easier than the brand new cattleman II.  It also has a lighter trigger pull.  I did notice when I had the grips off a washer between frame and the mainspring.  Have not had the grips off the brand new gun to see if the washer is user installed or factory.

The new model I received and posted about in this forum was working well until stage 5 of the May match went bang click click click click on both state 5 and 6.  After match I cleaned it really well.  I am guessing some of the Arizona grit got into the firing pin channel of the frame preventing firing pin from properly impacting.   After cleaning the pistol worked flawlessly for 50 rounds fired by 5 different shooters and also worked flawlessly in the June ACSA CAS match.

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