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Italian date stamps Year of Manufacture

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--- Quote from: Major 2 on May 26, 2021, 11:58:39 AM ---
Plowboys Ghost ...thank you sir

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 The new Cimarron 5-1/2" Open Top .45 Colt I traded for yesterday is marked "21" in the box under the barrel.

The Pathfinder:
Ok, now you've gotten my interest up. Drug out the new Cimarron American I got late last year (right after they announced Smokin' Joe won) and had to hunt to find the date code. They put it under the grips, but on one side is the standard CZ in the box and on the opposite side is the Uberti logo with 2020, no box, under it. Weird.

Yep, found a Box CN under the grip on my #3.  Along with "Uberti 2015"  In fact, a lot of stamps were hidden under there.  Wish they'd do that on more production.


Picked up a new open top.  Date code is now inside a circle.


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