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Cartridge loops.

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Thanks Cliff. i hear ya about the lack of authenticity, as I've heard so many times, CAS is a fantasy sport and authenticity is not a priority. One of the reasons I quit going to matches a number of years ago, as authenticity and historical accuracy are very important to me.

Anyhow, just wanted to throw this out there as the woven belt style is not something I've seen very often in period pieces, either in museums or books.

Guess for now I'll stick to sewn loops. If somebody at some point learns me better, then I'll revisit the question.

Good ridin' to all of you!

Fox Creek Kid:
FWIW, I have never seen a documented CANVAS ctg. belt that predates the first military issue in 1876. Every single ctg. belt I have seen that predates this was made of leather. To be frank, other than professional hunters & soldiers the average layman probably saw no need for one. I speak of ctg. belts and not gunbelts, per se.


Since my main match guns are a pair of Schofields, I felt comfortable using a poly pro/cotton blend canvas for my shot gun cartridge belt loops ... I mean, if the Schofield was not issued until the mid-1870s time should be n my side ....

Seattle Fabrics (www.seattlefabrics.com/) not only has great customer service  but is willing to sell bits down to six feet...

In fact, I liked using the stuff so much that I am making .45-70 loops out of 2" medium brown webbing ...

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G.W. Strong:
This is fascinating. I am very interested in historical accuracy. I had always believed that sewn loops were the only way they were done in the later 19th century. However, from what I read above, some loops of leather passed through slots (Woven loops) were also used in this period. Is this correct? If so can someone point me to an image of a pre 1900 belt with this used? It is not that i doubt you or am asking you to prove this I just want to see it for myself. Perhaps too many visits to the show me state.  ;D

Cliff Fendley:
I know the book packing iron has pictures of early woven loop belts, otherwise just look around and you'll find some originals or photos.

The best I can tell from studying photos and original pieces, it appears the woven loops were done more on earlier belts and very little toward the turn of the century. Most photos and original rigs I see from late in the 19th century are money belts so this could be one reason, the other may be because leather stitching machines were being commonly used by most prominent saddlers by the mid 80's.


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