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Marshal Will Wingam:
I like CAS City, but am unable to make guse of it. Every time I visit CAS City, I log in and check the box to stay logged in. I make a post and when I go back to the forum or re-inquire for "All Unread Posts Since Last Visit" or any other forums, I have to log in again. I also find that  all the threads I've not visited yet are marked as having been visited since I was required to log in and there aren't any posts since my last visit which was the post I just made. I would like to frequent Cas City, but it just isn't workable. TFS or any other forums I frequent don't have this problem. If you have a solution to this, please send me an email. I'll try to check in again in a couple days. Once I post this, I will be logged off again. Darn, it would sure be nice to get this corrected.


Marshal Will Wingam

Marshal Halloway:

Howdy Will,

I will help you out, sent you an email.

This is normally caused by a cookie problem on the browser you are using. You need to reset the cookie for Cas City. Please tell me which browser you are using. Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape, etc.

Marshal Halloway:

The general problem for users that cannot stay logged in is this.

You have set up your browser to restrict cookies (files saved on the computer to remember your session and setting on a site where login is required) from low to high privacy settings. When you have a setting like that, you need to allow or block sites. If you cannot stay logged in on our forum, it means that is not among the sites that are allowed.

If you are using Internet Explorer, all this can be controlled by opening tools/internet options/privacy/sites. Wen you have the manage sites window open, write and click on the Allow button.


Marshal Will Wingam:
Well, heck. You got me to thinkin' (a good thing, this time) and I checked my cookie handling. Sure enough, I hadn't included CAS City as one of the sites to always allow cookies. I had assumed I had already done that but NOOOO, ol' Marshal Will had definitely mesed up. Duh. After all this time all it took was for you to knock on the noggin and I got the message. OK, all is well in the land again. Many thanks. You'll be seeing more of me, now.

Speakin' of websites havin' a hard time ???  Any idea why I can't get TFS up on my screen?  'Puter says it ain't available.  Been that way for more than a week now. :-\


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