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Did they ever make a follow on from "Quigley Down Under"

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Stoney Pete:
My imagined plot outline.

Mathew and Cora are settled with the big spread and 2.4 children and who should come waltzing into the territory...Roy! :o  He's livid to see Cora happy and successful does all he can to destroy her new life.

Oh if they'd only make it. ;D

Marshal Will Wingam:
Now I'd like to see that, Stoney. :thumbsup:

Grizzle Bear:

But, Matthew would see him coming 1000 yards away, and give him the "bucket" treatment!

Grizzle Bear


Dakota Widowmaker:
I thought I heard Selleck say that Monte Walsh was as close to it as he could do...plot line, anyhow.

Lots of folks have asked him and he brought it up with the original producers, but, licensing rights and story could never be agreed upon.

Its funny, that movie has made Shiloh Sharps TONS o cash and they have LOTS of hardware they would love to have make another guest appearance in another movie. But, things as they are, it doesn't look like Tom is going to be able to do a sequel w/o studio approval.
(which he indicated was just not going to happen...nobody in hollyweird is interested in cowboy films anymore)

jiminy criquet:
The studios might be more interested now after seeing the sucess of HBO's 'Deadwood'.

I'd say more of a hinderance to a sequel is a decent script with a decent plot line.  No, offense...but, at best the return of 'Roy' would suffice only as a sub-plot....not near enough story and action there to make an entire movie around.

Maybe some of the writers from 'Saddlebag Tales' could come up with something....maybe something tied in with an actual historical event.  What was the time period of the original film?

How cool would it be if a 'Saddlebag Tales' writer submitted a script and a movie was made from it?  For example, Queasy Dillo seems to have the skill set necessary to do a good job (his is the only work from there I've read so far....sorry).  Heck, there's the opening minute or so of the new 'Quigly' movie right here:


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