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Did they ever make a follow on from "Quigley Down Under"

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Short Knife Johnson:
Now the story comes full circle ;D.  Then Higgins is obviously Elliot Marsden's cousin's (on his mother's side) great-great grandson!  I totally see the family resemblance now that you mention it.  ;) 



But what you say could have been entirely possible...

In the islands, it was just the time for the paniolo (hawaiian for cowboy). Somebody with Quigley's skill set might have been more hireable in the islands than on the mainland.

And Honolulu could quite easily have been a resupply port on the way to the West Coast ...

Shotgun Franklin:
If we're going to have more Western Movies we have to get more people to go see'm. I saw True Grit on Christmas Eve with 8 other people. That don't pay the bills. BTW, my Son is not into Cowboy but liked True Grit so there is hope.


Johnny McCrae:
Just for the fun of it, several years ago, I wrote a short story entitled “It’s a Harley Son” about my experiences as a Harley rider. I followed that story up with a screen play. I then wrote a Western entitled “Stone’s Vengeance” along with a screen play.

I just stumbled on this post while searching on Google. Back around the end of 2020 after watching Quigley Down Under for the umpteenth time, I come up with an idea for a sequel to Quigley Down under. I wrote a screenplay for this sequel. I'm assuming that the movie has been copyrighted. I've been trying, unsuccessfully, to get this into to right hands. Recently I thought of getting permission to convert the screenplay into a novel. I see that the person who wrote Quigley Down Under has passed away, so I'll just keep searching for the correct way to proceed. I'm too old to wear stripes.


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