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Did they ever make a follow on from "Quigley Down Under"

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Howdy The Fire
Just a quick question.
Did they ever make a sequel to Quigley Down Under. I have heard faint rumors that they did but I think they are just rumors  :o :o.
would like to find out what happens with Crazy Cora and Quigley when they got back to the States  ;D
So over to you.

I've heard the rumors, also, but I think that is all there is to it - rumors.  Sure wish he would, though.

Silver Creek Slim:
As far as I know, they'z just rumors.


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Mustang Gregg:
If it was....It could be a real whopper.
Both of the main actors (Tom & Laura del somethin') are still very alive & young enough yet for a sequel. 
An' I doubt it would take ANYTHIN' away from the original.

Wish they'd do it.

Jax Orebetter:
Laura San Giacomo  ;)


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