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A point I was pondering on

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Nine Toe Jim:
I noticed that the SASS Classic catagory allows two pistols while trying to keep a true old cowboy theme.
I was wondering if it wouldn't be better to use one pistol and if you had to go through ten rounds you would have to load on the clock. I'm sure that's what the Good Old Boys had to do.

Will Ketchum:
Nine Toe, while most might agree don't ever bring up the subject on the SASS Wire.  You'll get your head tore off :o

Seems as many want to shoot 10 pistol, 10 rifle and 4 to 6 shotgun on every stage.  Get's pretty boring to me but at least you know how many rounds you need for a match. ;)

Will Ketchum

Will Pluggum:
It seems right to me to, Nine Toes.  There's also the fact that it reduces amount of gear needed by about $500.

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Nine Toe Jim:
Hey Will,
What I was driving at is you can shoot 10 pistol rounds but you have to reload the second five on the clock and from your gunbelt or pouch
I will heed your warning about the SASS wire. I want to keep my head.  However they have to come north of the 54th Parallel to get me. You need a dog team for the last 100 miles. Mush

Never thought of the $500.00 reduction Sedona

Will Ketchum:
Nine Toe, you won't get an argument from me.  When I started 2 guns on a stage was the exception not the rule. 

What I was referring to was that on the SASS Wire people have been verbally lynched by broaching the subject :(. 

NCOWS has a couple of proposed classes that would have only a handgun and a rifle.  One is called "working cowboy".  Some posses are already shooting it. 

I will be reporting on it over at the NCOWS Hall after the convention.

Will Ketchum


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