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Growing Garlic

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Singing Bear:
We'd try it, but are afraid our dog might take a liking to them.  She already destroyed our carrot patch.  Ate every last one before it's time.  About 3 doz. plants.   :( Bad dog.  >:(
The same for cherry tomatoes.  :(  Bad dog, stay outside.  All that's gotta come out sometime or other and it's not going to be in the house.  :o ;D

Joyce (AnnieLee):
Singing Bear, some fences can keep dogs out instead of in!

When I first moved onto my property, I wanted to grow a rose. I knew exactly where I wanted it to be: straight in line of sight from the window by my computer. The rose is that delicate yellow with pink called "Peace." It didn't last long. I'd open the door, the dogs would bolt out, and the male would raise his leg against the rose. He killed three of them before I wised up.  I went and got the cut whiskey barrels, filled them with soil and planted roses in them. Now my dog can raise his leg all he wants against the barrel and the roses aren't poisoned. They are also at a height that makes it impossible for him to dig (thus the demise of rose #4).

Why am I talking about roses when the topic is garlic? I plant garlic in the whiskey barrels around the roses, that's why! That way it can grow, critter-free.



Even though it is a lily, some call it the Stinkin' rose. ;D  And that Peace Rose is one of the hardest of the Hybrid Tea roses to grow, don't know why.  Grandma, Dad and I have fought with and bought many of them since they came out about 45 years ago. ;D

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Kinchafoonee Kid:
A couple of years ago, I was back in Marion county Georgia and pulled up some garlic and daffodils near an old home site from the late 18th century. I brought it back to Colorado and both are growing very well.  Beautiful daffodil blooms and delicious garlic we have enjoyed since,
Kincahfoonee Kid

GunClick Rick:
There are some that are just ornamental,we have them around our home..But they do smell like garlic.


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