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Growing Garlic

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I have a group of Garlic that has taken root underneath the chicken wire fence that is on my property line. To make matters worse (?), the six foot high fence is thick enough with star Jasmine and honeysuckle that it acts as a privacy fence for their pool and jacuzzi.
 But underneath it all is what I can only guess is some garlic ... I think it is ornamental 'cause it only grows about a foot to eighteen inches ... but it smells like garlic in the spring (or anytime the leaves are cut), grows all summer and dies off down to ground level every fall, only to grow back each spring ...

Any suggestions? Should I harvest this stuff? I am afraid to disturb the ground for fear of killing the neighbor's privacy fence ...


GunClick Rick:
One reason it is planted is insect repelent,i don't think snails like it either,i actually like the smell of it,every now and then my yard man will mess with it to get an aroma going,yep i have to have a yard man,i can barely walk anymore..


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