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Marshal Halloway:
Howdy folks!

For those of you who are using News Feed (RSS and XML), Cas City can offer the latest post from the forum on your news reader software.

The link to this newsfeed is;type=rss;limit=50

Limit (50) can be changed from 5 to 255.

I will come back with a software solution on this for those who doesn't have this installed and customized for Cas City.

Marshal Halloway:

Here is how my newsfeeder looks like on my screen:

I use a newfeeder because it saves me time when browsing through posts and news articles both on my own site and other sites of interest.

As you can see, I download posts and articles from Cas City and NRA.

If I want to read more, I just click on Read On and it gets me right to the post or the article.

I use a news feeder called Feedreader and it can be downloaded for free at

Foothills Drifter:
Howdy Marshal......
This looks very interesting...... I just might have to give it a try  ;D
My 'main' computer developed a problem and is in the shop so I will wait until it comes home to download the program. I am on the 'backup' computer now. Computers are like can never have too many  :o  ;)

Good shootin......
Vern...  8)



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