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Russ T Chambers:
Glad your'e back Del. 
While I don't sew, my wife does and makes 98% of my cowboy clothes.  A nice quilt for my rope bed would be good, as I work on making it a little more authentic each time I set it up.

This was EOT 2004.  Wish we could get awat from the RVs.

I split this off because I am hopin' someone will want to print this whole lesson and some to come in the future. ;)  sides that it gave me a chance to try my new found powers. ::)

The RV is simple, do what I do with things I want to hide.  Throw a quilt over it. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Other than the RV a nice set up.  GG and I are plannin' on movin' indoors soon.  A rainy night in a bedroll can be a lesson in history.  Snow ain't bad though. 

Russ T Chambers:
Good idea, as I already printed the first installment.  If'n I can't get my wifle to try a quilt, Iv'e got a sister-in-law that didn't quite get blown from Wisconsin to Kansas by Slim's twisters, that was into quilts.

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If your wife will just help, you can do most of the work yourself, then you can tell folks you made it together.  There is a lot of pinning to do before you sew and you can do that watchin' TV if you want.  Heck I bet with a little prodin' you could learn to operate a sewin' machine. ;D

I'm going to add a comment here on the crazy quilts.  Most of these preserved in musems and in private collections have had the material held to the backing with an embroidery stitch.  <Yes yer wife's cedar chest with her great-grandma's quilt is a private collection.>  This is another way of showing off skills because many will have many kinds of embroidery stiching. 

If one wants you can do that, I have one I did that way, but I worked as a security guard at the time and sewed at work to keep awake.

The machine sewn ones are more typical of what was a cottage industry, often a widow woman with a treadle machine would make these out of scraps from her sewing bussiness.  These could often be bought at the local sewing shop and were popular with cowboys for bed rolls. 

Any quilt does sure add style points to a camp.  Anyone with money can buy a wool blanket, a quilt you made or helped made has more pride to it.  At one time I wished to own a 6 point Hudson Bay blanket.  Today I'd probally use it to bat a quilt. ;D  But what a grand one it would be.


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