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I wanted to get this forum goingyesterday, but things don't always work as planned.

Many folks who came into Cas-Shooting/ren-acting the "Old West" had done Mountian Man era in the past.  Well a lot of their ideas they learned changed in the 25-40 years time differance.

When sewing your own clothing it does not have to be hand sewn.  In fact to be proper as to hand sewing it should either portray someone such as a homesteader who may or may not have had a sewing machine, it was often a prize possession as seen in Solomon Butcher Photos.  Also a item sewn by hand was a mark of affection to a man when made by a lady.

Also very fine tailored clothing was often hand sewn, it was considered a mark of fine clothing to have very fine hand sewing.

Most store bought clothing was machine sewn in factories, remember Oliver Winchester owned a Men's shirt factory before getting in the gun bussiness.

Home sewing machines were the foot pumped treadle machines, factory ones were often belt driven.

I am lucky enough to own a operating treadle machine which I use from time to time.  I have did some comparrison and a modern electric will do the same kind of straght stitch if using one of these is handier.  I find it is because it is easier to get the tension right and it don't cause cramps.  One must not use the fancy stitches one of these machines will do.  They will make it look wrong.  If you want fancy stitching or embroidery, learn to do it by hand.

So with that hand sewing or a straght stictch sewn with either a treadle machine or a modern one is correct.

Four-Eyed Buck:
Thanks, Del. I'd forgotten about the tredle machines. My MIL had one, wish we had that one back. Believe it was a Singer, too.......Buck 8) ::) :o ;)

The rally nice thing is that a treadle machine is still hard to beat for sewing light leather (with the proper needle) or heavy material such as several layers of canvas when making things like haversacks.

The worst thing you can do is slip a belt or break a needle.

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Silver Creek Slim:
My better-half is borrowing her mother's machine. It looks like a treadle machine but has a little electric motor mounted on it with a round belt around the pulleys. I would call it a transition machine. We also have a treadle around here someplace, not sure where it is right now.


Russ T Chambers:
My Aunt and Grandmother, both had treadle Singers.  I only wish I knew where they are now!!!!!


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