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Just a though, would a forum for ren-acting gear other than guns and cooking gear be an idea worth doing?  Cover every thing from sewing kits. (That's where the idea came from), tents, bedrolls, clothing and other such gear that was important to everyday life in the Victorian era.

The little acoutriments are important for those who carry their persona's beyond the shooting.  Cover things as how to make stuff, where to find stuff.  Just an idea to kick around.

Marshal Halloway:

No problem for me. I move this to Longbranch, so we can get a respons.

I would like to add, after talkin' with some folks today. what I guess I really am interested in is a fourm for helping folks who are making equipment and gear rather that a place to disscuss the historical aspects of the gear. 

I know some folks know I do a lot of sewin', both clothing and quilts (The red flannel in my present avatar is one of my creations, that I would like to see a clothing maker pick up, flannels were common.  The hat is by Gopher Grease)  I have one of the best bedrolls around and my Gopher Grease will also before the muster.  I also dabble in leather from time to time do a little bit of blacksmithing although I usually can get what I want that area with bribes of food.  My pard Matt "Gopher Grease" Moore handles the wood working end of our outfit.

I would be right proud to moderate such if one is really needed if this ol' coal oil powered computor is up to the job.(Need that tongue in cheek smiley here)

I know many of us have a lot of talent in the area and have old time skills that should be passed on to others before they die out.  Some things I do the old way and some I use modern equipment, but I know how to do it the old time way.

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Joyce (AnnieLee):
"The Old Fashioned Way"? A Forum for discussing how things were made in the days before automation? I like that idea. Marshal, I'd help Del in the moderating if you'll have me.


Marshal Halloway:

A side note on this; As I said, I don't mind adding this forum, but it has been pointed out to me that it should be under Cas City Historical Society and I agree to that.

We have the option of have what is called child boards under main boards and this might be a good one to be put under there. This way we don't split what might be considered related topics.

The Old Fashioned Way sounds like a good name and sure, Del and Annie could be moderators superior!  ;D


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