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Doc, how'd it go?

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Big Hext Finnigan:
Report in.. for us non-EOT attendees.

Doc Shapiro:
The match was good.  Big, close targets and easy stages.  Good fun. Hats off to Spur Roberts for winning FC.

Met an awful lot of good folks.  Everyone seemed to have a good time.

EOT is moving to outside Alberquerque, NM for next year. That's a much longer drive for me.  About 17 hours.  Not sure if I'll make it.  But I understand the move is a done deal.

Anyway, had a great time.


Will Ketchum:
So are you going to tell us how you shot? ???

I was pulling for you.

Will Ketchum

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Doc Shapiro:
Will, I didn't shoot well.  I had a few stages that I shot real well, 1-4 and 7.  The others just didn't go well.  Ah well.  There's next year!  However, I learned an awful lot that I can start to apply now.  I'll fair much better next time.

Congrats again to the category winners!  There are no "easy categories."  Every one has stiff competition.  There's a lot of pressure to perform, and they handled it admirably.


Big Hext Finnigan:

Sorry to hear that.. You have a great attitude about it and I'm sure you'll be shooting great guns in no time.

Was the EOT experience part of your performance or was it just not your day?
Adios amigo,


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