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Once Upon a Time in the West

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FloraBama Kid:
Was this filmed in the US? I just saw this movie again and I always see something new evey time I see it. And there are some "excellent" quotes in this movie;

"You remind me of my mother; the biggest whore in Alameda." (jason Robarts)

"Inside each duster is a man, inside each man is a bullet." (Charles Bronson)

I know there must be a reason why someone like Henry Fonda would take a part in a spagetti Western.

And I really like the music especially the Harmonica!

Shiloh Sharpie:
The film was filmed in Spain, Italy and the US.  Sergio Leone is the director and co-wrote the screenplay.  Some consider this his masterpiece.  I personally miss Clint; I never could watch this movie although that is not a comment on its quality.  I just can't settle down with it.  Not sure why.  Certainly my shortcoming.

Could be that Claudia Cardinale's character's name is McBain Doesn't fit somehow.  :) 

Will Ketchum:
One of my least favorite Westerns.  I watched yesterday and still found it confusing and convoluted.

Will Ketchum

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California Lawdawg:
I watch it every time it comes on. Beats the he** out of the other garbage on tv now adays. ;D


Love Henry Fonda's gun and rig in that one.


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