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Silver Creek Slim:
I watched it last night. It is definitely a Ford classic. It may not be historically correct but good anyway. It is the first movie I have seen with Shirley Temple as a young lady. It was interesting to see the same character names used in Fort Apache and Rio Grande. For instance, John Wayne played Kirby York in both and the name Quincannon was used in both. Dick Foran played Quincannon in Fort Apache and Victor McLaglen play him in Rio Grande. Do y'all have any other observations you want to share?

Also, is She Wore a Yellow Ribbon the third movie in the Ford Cavalry Trilogy?


I have all three, and yes, Yellow Ribbon is the third.  Fort Apache is loosely based on Custer, with Fonda's character being a composite of Custer, a General reduced in rank with little respect for the Indian as a fighting force, and wanting to get back in the limelight......lot of cross over there, at least as I see it.

Historically, though many soldiers fell to the Apache, I don't know of a massacre of a detachment as, the Lakota, yeah they kicked butt a couple of times, at Fort Phil Kearney and Little Big Horn, but the Army generally stood it's own the rest of the time.

I really wish they'd make a decent movie about the Fetterman Fight.....actually, if they'd get their heads out of their crevaces and take Terry Johnson's Plainman series, they could make several movies and follow most all of the major engagements from 1867 to 1879 or so! :)

FloraBama Kid:
Oh yes, all great movies. I agree that the Fonda character was loosley based on Custer. I didn't pickup on the reuse of the names as Slim did but that is very interesting.

What I found to be very curious was after John Wayne was relieved and sent back to the wagons. Did you see how he was doing a ride-by giving his last words of encouragement to the troop before their battle. He then, without hesitation, took the wagon into a defensive position and watched the main battle.

Why didn't the troop fall back to the wagons? Just some thoughts. One of these days I'm gonna buy the DVDs so I can watch em over and over and over...

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I figure they couldn't make it back as they had no horses in the gulch.....the one JW tried to get Fonda NOT to go into......they may have made it by orderly retreating, but by the time Fonda got to what was left of the command, there just weren't enough men left to attempt it.....I always wondered why they did not take a defensive position on high ground, which was a pretty standard tactic and would have made it much harder for the Apaches to ride over them, but we are talking Hollywood, after all.

Had a conversation with a buddy about this movie and LBH, and the Beecher's Island and LBH we, well, poor defensive position, overwhelming force and single shot rifles.....LBH, high ground, but again the overwhelming forces and single shot rifles come into Beecher's Island, Forsyth had 50 "Frontiersmen", and each had been armed with a Colt 1860 and a Spencer repeater......they faced overwhelming odds too, but had a fairly good defensive position, dug in and had the repeaters, which I belive had a lot to do with them coming out as well as they did.

Still think a good movie based on this fight would be good to see.

Big Hext Finnigan:
(I may end up splitting this off, but..)

Do y'all think that we, I mean CASers could encourage, even fund, a movie or series of movies?  Seems like there are lots of good movies being made that go straight to video, or only come out on TV or just disappear.  Then there are the occasional blockbuster independants.

I don't know enough about movie making to really say, but it's a thought.. We'd have excellent technical advantages and we'd likely have a core audience. 

Any thoughts?  Adios,


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