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Victoran Labels & Advertising from CANADA!

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Still coming .....

Still more .... this first one is subtly different from the last one in the previous post ....

River City John:
The below are matchbox labels suitable for resizing and wrapping the small boxes of wood matches.

Block of labels for your Mushroom Ketchup bottles. :)

I'm not sure if this one will resize properly and be sharp. Could be used to wrap a tin of lobster.

I will look for some others later on.

Thank you for posting these, Rattlesnake Jack.


Some cigar box labels .....

The first one shows Scots-Canadians engaging in the early open-air version of curling .... which has arguably become a strong rival with hockey for the honour of being considered our "national" winter sport.

The second commemorates the capture of the Dargai Heights in the Khyber Pass region by the Gordon Highlanders and Gurkhas (20 October 1897) during which Piper George Findlater, although shot through both feet, propped himself against a boulder and continued to play to inspire the charge, for which he earned one of four Victoria Crosses awarded for that action.

The next is just a rather amusing bit of pure Canadiana.

The fourth plays on the fact that, in those days, Canadians (English-speakers, at least) viewed themselves very much as British subjects.

A few more cigar box labels .....

The first commemorates the adoption by the Province of British Columbia of its first Coat of Arms in 1895.

The next emphasizes that no Canadian-grown tobacco was used as filler (thus ensuring a milder smoke.)

The third depicts a scene from the opposite end of this vast nation from British Columbia.

Finally, the "national rodent", flanked by sprays of maple leaves .... ultra Canuck, eh?


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