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I am not getting email notices?

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Big Hext Finnigan:
I changed my email address from the one I originally signed up using... could be part of the problem.  But I oughta be able to change my e-mail, right?


Marshal Halloway:
Well, the email address or rather the spam filters out there, could be the reason some receive notifications and some don't.

I use what is called sendmail on this forum and on newsletters, and I do receive undelivered messages where spam filters block messages.

Yes, you can change your email address.

From this end, everything seems to be working now. I receive notifications. Will Ketchum is checking new topic notifications right now, so I am awaiting his findings.

Big Hext, did you btw receive my email to all members regarding this bug?

Big Hext Finnigan:
I haven't gotten an email from here except for the first one, which made me realize that I wanted to change it.

I have changed it back to see if the filters on are blocking the emails.

Adios and thanks for checking on this for me..


Marshal Halloway:
Until proven otherwise, I do believe this is caused by spam filters. I am now testing this topic on my test account to check if notifications are sent out to regular members and not just for admin and moderators.

An update: Yep, it is working for all member group.

Big Hext Finnigan:
Yep.. I think you are right.. it worked that time.

Sorry for the trouble.  ??? ::) 8) :-X :-\ ;D ;D


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