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Marshal Will Wingam:
Howdy, pards. Thanks for all your participation in the Leather Shop. This forum is what it is because of all of you. We are a forum of friends who have a common interest: leather. There are times when we feel like mentioning something off-topic. This is the place for that. So, rather than starting a new topic, check in here and post your message. This thread will stay active as long as we have posts going. This isn't a license to have at it with a bunch of nonsense. It's purpose is to keep non-leather topics together so others trying to read about leather stuff will know that threads are just that. Except this one. TW and I will prune messages off the end of it periodically so it doesn't get too big and fill up the database with one thread. We will try to chase down any existing threads that are non-leather related and paste them on here. Keep it clean and friendly, just like always.

OK, lets see how this works. :D

G'Day Marshall,This is a really great idea for a post with different topics other than our Leatherwork.Which gives me an idea,for all the pards to tell of their other hobbies or what instrument they play.I am learning 5 string banjo & having a blast doing it.Feathers

Ten Wolves Fiveshooter:
Howdy All

    Marshal Will spoke to me about this idea, and I think it's a good, it will gives us a little more freedom to talk about other things unrelated to leather, this will work or should work just fine if we all do our part, and not get crazy with it, as the Marshal said we will be picking post out at times that will be placed in this thread, so if you can't find something that was there a few hours ago, check this thread, it might have been move to the " Bunk House Ramblings ". As usual we still have to abide by forum rules.

                     Thanks ahead of time to all of you for your cooperation.


                                  tEN wOLVES  ;) :D ;D


Arizona Cattleman:
Will it be at the top like show us your stuff so we don't have to search for it?


Ten Wolves Fiveshooter:

   Howdy Cattleman.

      We're going to see how this thread does, if it gets a lot of use, the thread will stay at the top, which is what Marshal Will and I are hoping for, but it won't stay there unless it gets used, if it works out well for us we will see about making it a sticky, which will put it at or near the top, but if the pards don't use it, it will disappear, so we hope it will get a lot of use, and this will eliminate a lot of none leather related topics, on the board.


        tEN wOLVES  ;) :D ;D 


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