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Handy cloth bags for gear

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Due to a wrong button push this thread will be down till I get the pictures found and re-uploaded

I've found cloth bags with draw strings are very handy to carry and store gear in.  I've made a lot of them over they years of all sizes from a duffle bag sized one out of heavy duck to small ones for tobbaco for friends who need them.

I put one together last night and photoed it as I built it, the time it took to do the work was less time than it took to get all the photos.  Size can be what ever you want, most times when I do them I cut them all out, pin them all, then sew them all as needed.  2-3 folks setting up an assembly line could turn out a lot in a short time.  Look for material in the discount rack, calico can often be bought at a $1 or $2 a yard and muslin is often less.

This is just some cotton scrap I had.

I start by pinning the sides and bottom, 1/4" to 3/8" is about right, these makes the seam stronger, I alos do about 3/4' to one inch on the top:

I pin the top on the other side:

I then refold the top:

And pin it on the same side and remove the pins on the back:

I then sew that seam close to the edges and I also back stitch:

I then fold it in half and pin, evening up the bottom in case my guess was off:

I then sew the side and the bottom, twice and do a zig zag with backstitching near the top:

I then get out a yarn needle and some kind of heavy string:

I thread it through the top:

I then knot it, trim it and turn it right side out:

This one it turns out is just right for the whetstone I carry with my cook gear.

A larger on about 7"X15" that I made a while back for my shaving kit:

Leo Tanner:
That's a nice shaving kit.  My camera up an broke on me, but when I get it fixed I'll post ptchers of yer tobacco pouches.

Steel Horse Bailey:

Where'd you find the cool strop and the razor case?  Yard sale or antique shop?

I've been lookin' for them for MY shaving kit.

Adios, pard!


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Texas Lawdog:
Del always manages to find neat stuff at thrift stores and yard sales.

Steel Horse Bailey:

--- Quote from: Texas Lawdog on December 30, 2009, 09:19:56 AM ---Del always manages to find neat stuff at thrift stores and yard sales.

--- End quote ---



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