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Lets do some looking at outfits

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Four-Eyed Buck:
This one was taken my second year of shooting CAS. It's a WAH frock coat, COWS dress shirt with an add on vertical collar, red cravat type tie with pearl stick pin, and a WAH brocaid vest. More of a dress up type outfit in the gambler vein or townie

Four-Eyed Buck:
This one is Susie again. She's wearing a ladies tea blouse, probably from Recolections, with a print vest from a western wear store, a pair of ladies COWS riding britches( note the extra fabric insert in the seat area), a set of leather ladies size suspenders, and a pair of ladies lace up boots. These have a low walking type heel as the higher riding type heels are kinda uncomfortable after a full day of walking and shooting stages

Four-Eyed Buck:
Looking at the pic again, the pard with the timer is D.J. McDraw, now our Territorial governor. What he is wearing is considered the max for the Classic Cowboy requirement in SASS................Buck 8)


Four-Eyed Buck:
Had to fool with this one some to get it down to size. It's my typical monthly match outfit. A long sleeve WAH shirt of the band collar type, a four pocket WAH vest with watch  and fob, pants are from THE FORT( can't remember the maker's name, Del), elastic suspenders, and a pair of Frontier boots from THE Fort with mule ears. The rifle is my 1889 Marlin in 38-40, circa 1891............

Four-Eyed Buck:
In that pic, you can see Susie at the loading table in a gingham or calico dress , probably Recolections again( probably her favorite maker).............Buck 8) ::) ;D


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