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River City John:
Before I get myself all worked up to start posting material in here, let me offer my own simple philosophy.

Regardless of the shooting organization, all take their inspiration from the love of the history of the 19th century. Different organizations have different guidelines as to how strict they are in (Now don't you all jump all over poor little 'ole me, . . . .but let me use, this ONE time, the term,. . . .'COSTUMING').

In a nutshell, if you do your study and keep your eye attuned for the look based on the history of the period, and select your purchases accordingly, you will find this will prove to be the greatest economy,- for the closer you are to achieving the true 19th cent. look based on documented images and catalog references, then you'll find that standard of(Oh God!, here he says again. . .) 'costuming' to be acceptable to ALL the shooting organizations.

In other words, the closer you are to the HISTORY and you'll automatically fit into all the organizations.
This frees you from having to buy different wardrobes to compete in those different organizations Del mentioned in his original post. BIG HINT here, if you select your firearms based on that philosophy, too, then you won't ever have to worry whether your guns are NCOWS-approved; GAF-approved; or SASS-approved. ;) 


Marshal Will Wingam:
I like being as historically correct as possible in my outfits. I have a few things that I bounce back and forth between but I try to wear things that portray the era we are emulating. I shoot SASS because there isn't an NCOWS posse within traveling distance. That doesn't mean I shortcut on my gear and clothes, though. I don't have many photos that show my whole outfit. I'll try to round up some new ones.

FEB, those are Frontier Classic brand pants. ;)

Wish words RCJ.

Marshall Will, figured with cabian fever setting in, it would be a good time for folks to look through their pictures, and think about getting some as it gets warmer.  I seem to lack a lot of pictures also, although I know there are ones of my floating around on six continents.  For some reason I don't end up taking many of myself, might have to change that. ;D

I have a couple to post that are definatly not taken where folks would expect.  Also some floating around that I've seen folks sneek in with their cell phones, like putting gas in my pick-up and pushing a cart arounbd the grocery store. ;D


River City John:

I prefer caps when I'm not shooting, such as this mechanics cap. Also small brimmed hats such as bowlers or top hats.

For general wear or travel as an overcoat I like a linen duster. I do love hats of all types. Being bald they serve a more practical purpose rather than just style. Usually wear a vest and long sleeved underwear under my shirt, both summer and winter.

Most often for shooting I like a straw of some kind. They're cool and light. If well fitted I don't have any problem keeping them on in a wind, unless we're talking gale force, then I'm not the only one chasing my hat. (Now that I think of it, for those rare times I've ever had the wind take my hat it always seems to blow it downrange. :-\)
For wet weather I like the traditional fishskin slicker. They do require a bit of maintenance to keep the waterproofing from sticking to itself, at least on the older ones. Two schools of thought on that,- 1.) dust with cornstarch 2.) wipe down with Armor-All. This one came from a run that The Fort were selling, and the coating was not sticky, so I just treat with Armor-All at the beginning of the season.

I'm also interested in military history and have put together a Naval Ensign uniform. Here the dress version, with the coat worn by having the top button only buttoned, allowing the coat to open and fall away along the sides exposing the vest. Non-regulation but very common style during the period, both military and civilian.

And here the shooting version. The Navy Regs allowed the wearing of white pantaloons and straws in the warmer climates.

In general I feel most comfortable as a 'Townie" as opposed to a cowboy, etc. Shoes rather than boots,- woolen gloves or dress gloves rather than roping cuffs or gauntlets. I also prefer earth-tones, but one of these days I've promised myself to have Jean Warren at James Country Mercantile make me up a three-piece in a typical gaudy plaid just for fun. I've seen three different versions on Pards and they all looked great!


Thanks John and Buck, John your comment about the hats being well fitted brings up a good point that I covered a while back here:


In my experience I would say about 50% of folks do not wear the right size hats, this can be CAS shooters, or others such as bar cowboys, and rodeo fans who have one to wear there.  The only group I see that really understand how a hat needs to be fitrted is the real "ride a horse and tend cattle" cowboys, don't see them wearing the wrong size hat very often.


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