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A Hole for the RATS, please?

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Joyce (AnnieLee):
Marshal, over on the SASS Wire, there is a fairly lengthy thread for a new group of shooters called RATS, for Rugers Are the Toughest Shooters. Over 100 people have signed up for this group so far, and need a more permanent home for the list of membership and a place to discuss their Rugers. Would it be possible to create a sub-forum, a RATS Hole for them here, please?

Here's the link to the current membership list:

Thanks for the consideration,


Mustang Gregg:
Hey, Annie:

You really got it goin' there on TOW.  Well over 100 RATS now.  ;) An' 4 pages of thread.  WOW!!

Are the

That is so true.  Ya reckon we can get a well RATS forum rollin'? ::)
Anybody reckon "it'd go 'round here, Lawdawg?" ;D

Mustang Gregg

Silver Creek Slim:
I think it would be doable if someone would volunteer to moderate it, Cuz.  :D


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Joyce (AnnieLee):
I'd gladly moderate it, Cousin Slim!



Silver Creek Slim:
We'll have ta see what the Boss says.



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