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Posting pictures - brief instructions.

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Big Hext Finnigan:
Howdy pards,

Because I was fortunate enough to be a tester here on the new CAS City, I learned a few of the ins and outs..

If you want to post a picture, click your mouse and open the
> Additional Options... link at the bottom of the posting window.
there is an Attach: with blanks and a browse button.

If you click the browse button, you can search your own hard drive and post to the board.  The picture can not exceed 100KB in size.  Sometimes you have to change the properties of the better pictures, to a less intense color spectrum, for posting purposes.

It's pretty simple and much easier than having to post it on the web somewhere and then linking. 

Hope this helps.

Silver Creek Slim:
Thanks, Hext.


California Lawdawg:
Boy, that sounds simple ;D Will have to give it a try or 10 or 20 with the way I try things ;D ;D ;D

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Marshal Halloway:
Howdy folks!

I am glad you like the posting pictures feature. To make every picture browser and user friendly, do your best to upload pictures not wider than 600 pixels. For those using a 800 x600 computer screen, pictures wider than 600 pixels will force them to scroll sideways.

However, this morning, I added an extra feature to the forum forcing oversized images down to 600 in width. This might cause the pages to download slower, so try your best to avoid oversized pictures. Software that comes with digitals cameras, do have a resize option and if you make sure you have the following requirements, posting pictures in Forum Hall will be a treat for us all:

Resolution: 72dpi
Max file size: 100 kilobytes (0,100 mb)
Picture width: max 600 pixels.

Big Hext Finnigan:
One more picture suggestion.
You can copy pictures of yourself from web pages.  If your club has posted pics or at bigger events, you can poach.

Email me if I can help further.


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