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Norton blocks content in Cas City and how to solve it.

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Brazos Bucky Smith:

Is it just me or are the colors really that Brown with Bright Red lettering? ???  :o  If'n it were me I'd pick a more sooothing color combination 8)  the Bright Red with the Brown background makes my eyes cross trying to read it. :D :D

I do appreciate your workin' hard to keep imroving the City! ;D


El Peludo:
Hmm.  Yeppers, it is a bit "bright".  Marsal, if ya click on the "Main Street" button at the top of this page, ya' get the screen with a white bar at the top, then a yellow bar, then the brown field with the fluorescent red titling in it.  Makes my eyes twitch.

Brazos Bucky Smith:
 :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

yehaaaaaa, and I thought it was just me, thanks pard! 8)  Marshal, what do you think? That Brown do have a distinctive but familiar shade!  Yipes! ::)  Thanks for lookin' Marshal!

BB :)

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Marshal Halloway:
I am still a little lost. Below is a pic of the front page (Main Street) as it is displayed on most computers.

There is no white bar at the top and I don't have any red on brown. 

Lucky Irish Tom:
The CAS City with the gun doesn't appea, the Aiming for News is at the top in a white bar.  The area below that is a light brown color and the Headlines are in a flourescent red color.  Not sure if it has to do with Windows settings affecting it or not Marshall, but i definitely see the same thing they do.  It wasn't that way yesterday, so it could be because I don't see the top header anymore that is causing the colors to offset.


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