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Doc Shapiro:
I think this would be a great feature to add.  I've often posted a topic and wanted to lock it after I thought that it had run it's course.


Big Hext Finnigan:
While I like it for some applications, I think it would be abused far more often than it would be useful.  A troublesome post would be flame, [lock] then flame [lock]  and so on..


Doc Shapiro:
That's why I think it's a good idea.  Also works well if the post wanders off topic.  You can lock it and have it fade away to page 2.

Might help to keep things civil.  Maybe a feature to turn off for now and on later?


Marshal Halloway:

Features and permissions can be changed. Cas City will have its citizen committee where these issues can be addressed.

Doc Shapiro:
Guess that addresses it then.  Thanks!


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