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josey wales' coat

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Marshal Will Wingam:
From what I remember of it, it looked like an oil cloth duster with the sleeves shortened to about 3/4 length and cut off below the waist. I think it had the shoulder cape but now I'll have to watch it again to pay more attention. I doubt anyone actually in that situation would cut up a good duster like that.

Considering we are talking about Confederate Guerrilla's, who were'nt known for their adherence to military dress code...it's hard to say what they would or wouldn't do as far as their clothing.
I'm guessing that becauseĀ  Josay's coat is so unique that it was either supossedĀ  to have been hand made by him or for him and to serve in a very utilitarian way much as many of the more country type guerrilla's were partial to wearing a home made shirt of plaidĀ  that had large U shaped pockets on the breast.
The length of Josey's Coat (it goes below the waist line to below the crotch) looks to be the standard if not shortened length of an enlisted man's frock coat. The sleeves, which are shortened to a little below the elbow, are obviously made so to free up the lower arm and hand motion...Confederate Guerrilla's were known to favor pistols and to carry up to four of them at a time
(as Josey does) most being simply tucked in their belts for ease of draw.
Hey! Here's a thought...maybe I can track this sucker down through the costumer for the movie.
I'll repost if I find anything.

Mick Archer:
  Howdy Pards!


  IMHO, in this case... you might be looking at a Hollwood production and then attempting to find a historical garment in the Past that actually existed that matches  a "Wardrobe" creation.

   I can think of no actual Civil War era uniform item that was the basis of "Josey Wales" jacket.  (Without watching the movie again, it reminds me of a cut-down body and sleeves from a modern "Australian Drover's' type coat" kinda/sorta...
   You best bet, IMHO, may be DVDing the movie so that individual frames can be frozen or "stepped" in full clarity and the details sketched down.  With enough sketches (or possibly collecting enough Internet images from the movie), you might can fight a maker or just a sewer who can create a similar one for you.

   There was a small, new, company on-line company I once saw that was starting to do some Eastwood western "prop" items- but I do not recall the name.  (came about a few months ago when a pard wanted an Eastwood "Pale Rider" coat and hat.)

   Mick Archer

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Great Pic! That is not one I have found online and I've really been looking...got anymore? :)

Yes, I am certain you are correct about the Non-Historical Part of this coat.
As it happens, I do own Josey Wales on DVD and have been going through and making sketches. Two of the best scenes in the movie for this are the "Rose of Alabama" scene where Josey takes off his gun belt and the his jacket hangs naturally AND the
"In Town" scene where you can get some great close-up's of Josy's shoulder cape.
As it also happens, my girl-friend is a Civil War Re-enactor and a wonderful seamstress!
She has promised to do some sketches for me of Josey's Coat and if she let's me...I'll post them here!
Now how about any opinions as to fabric? I'm thinking canvas of some kind but what is that color? Sometimes it looks brown and other times it looks to be a dark grey...I'm inclining toward the grey. Opinions anyone?

Major 2:
Well it's been 30 years, but Glenn Wright was still working last I knew....

Glenn was the Costume Designer for OJW and about a dozen other Eastwood projects...
I know he did Unforgiven... Heartbreak Ridge in the ninties...

You might try contact through SAG ( he has acted )


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