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Marshal Halloway:
The citizens is leveled into catogories based on their number of posts or assignments:

Citizen 0-9 posts

Active citizen 10-24 posts

Very active citizen 25-49

A candidate for the town council  50-99

Town council member   100 +

Deputy marshal - moderator

Just for fun, folks..

Paper Chaser:
Marshal, I do like the badges, a lot. Thanks.

Foothills Drifter:
Howdy Marshal......
I like the badges a lot! I have allways liked the badges!! I wear one just like it to every shoot I go to. I will try to post a picture as soon as I figure out how.........

Good shootin......
Vern... 8)

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Paper Chaser:
Hey, Foothills, I did it !! actually posted some pictures, so if a klutz like me can do it, I KNOW you can!

Paper Chaser:
Foothills, you can even get creative.  Wow, am I having fun.


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