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Making Your Hat Fit Your Head

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I've got a question for you Del. I've got an old Stetson that I reshaped into a telescopic crown with a flat brim. It fits fine when I'm wearing it, but if I take it off for a few hours it'll be too tight in the front and the back. Is there a way I can keep it from doing that? Should I just get one of those wooden hat stretchers?

Major 2:
I made my stretcher... for next to nothing

I took a piece of clear white pine 2X4 (scrap) ...  And cut two D shaped half moons
size,  Approx, 6 7/8 for my 7 1/8 hat....
at the center of each straight side , I drilled a 3/8" hole in one a 7/16" hole in the other.
I cross pined a 3/8" bolt (head cut off) with 1/8 piece of welding rod (coat hanger will work)
the other end with a nut  and washer is allowed to slip fit in the 7/16 " hole.

some female Velcro tape to pad the rounded edges , fit it in the hat and tighten the nut , voila a streacher and hat last all in one, for pennies  ;D

Works great  ;)

DD, get one or build one and steam it with a tea kettle and tighten it up enough to give it some long oval shape and let it sit overnight.  That should work.  But never leave a hat in a hot car, it does bad things to them.


Camille Eonich:
If your head is a real LONG oval you may need to store it on the stretcher thingy to keep it from spring back to round.  Depends on how much you wear it.

Thanks Cammie, I had forgot to meantion that, the quality of the hat will often be the factor in that.


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