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Doc Shapiro:
The Subject asks it all. 


Prof. Bullspit:
I found the Race Gun discussion interesting. I would like to read more about how different guns perform and what (if any) modifications people find useful.

I would also like to see some discussion of how you disect a stage and decide how to shoot it.

For instance, a stage starts with shooter standing at a centrallly located table. There is a firing circle 20 feet to the left of the table and a shooting circle to the right of the table. Pistols are holstered, rifle and shotgun are staged at the central table. Rifle is to be shot from the left circle, shotgun from the right circle.  At the beep shoot first pistol five shots on three targets. Repeat with second pistol. Shooter may then choose to shoot either the rifle or shotgun next. The first long gun to be shot has to be carried from the table to the circle and returned to the table.

Which do you shoot first, the rifle or shotgun? Why? Does it make a difference if you are left or right handed? What variations on this scenario might cause a top shooter to make such choices?

Doc Shapiro:
We'll talk about dissecting stages and figuring out how to shoot them soon.  I have a bunch of material that I am working on for an article for the first W3G magazine. Some of that will go up first.

However, to whet your appetite, here's a key to figuring out how to shoot a stage.

The flow of the transitions should dictate the order of the guns (if that's left up to the shooter).  The layout of the stage has a lot to do with that.  Be flexible.  Be able to start with either revolver and keep track of it.

We'll get to specifics soon....


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Micheal Fortune:
Just about anything would be helpful at this point.

I have shot handguns with great zeal most of my life, certainly all of my adult life and have put 10' of thousands of rounds down range.  I have qualified expert in the Practical Pistol Course since 85 but the shotgun is new and I have always been a poor rifle shot.

While I have, of course, shot single action revolvers, I have never had to shoot them for speed before.  Always wondered why I had that extra thumb ( the one on my other hand) until now.

Physical exercise, mental exercise relating to hand, arm strength and eye-hand coordination?

Spell out a few series of live fire practice drills, what do you do when you got to the practice range?

Anything you got to say Doc, I know I for one will listen to.



I would like to see a variety of Q&A, a pocket pistol and derringer side match suggestion or three and some of the "I did it, you can too" experiences and opinions.  We get SO (too?) much information on gunsmith modified firearms and internal modifications.  I would enjoy reading about average shooters with EAA Bounty Hunter single actions and how a grip swap helped them control their firearm better with a increase in speed/accuracy.  IOW, basics to complex for beginners, seasoned shooters and old hands.  We can all contribute and learn in this way.


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