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Shot my 1911 Today

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Doc Shapiro:
I dug my 1911 (it's a 45 ACP) out of the safe this week and updated the front sight with one with a fiber optic insert.  Got it sighted in and shot Roundabout (one of the steel challenge stages).  My runs were about .75 faster with that than with my cowboy guns.  And I haven't shot it in over a year!

Sure was a heck of a lot of fun to dig that old workhorse out of the safe and get it going again.


Prof. Bullspit:
The 1911 is a great platform. The only auto I own in fact! Have you ever shot a Wild Bunch match with your 1911? I've never had a chance and I haven't even heard of such a match getting planned around here.

Are your times the result of prior practice and muscle memory or do you think you can just shoot the 1911 faster than your cowboy guns?

Doc Shapiro:
In this case it was nothing but the better sight picture.  I have thousands more rounds out of my Vaqueros than I do out of my 1911, so it wouldn't be muscle memory or anything like that.  The sight picture with that big Bomar in back and the fiber optic up front sure makes it easy to get on target quickly.  And gives you a ton of confidence that you'll hit the target.

Now I gotta go clean it  :o


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Sights!  I agree.  I shoot pins with a custom Colt myself.  The 1911 simply follows through naturally.  I find accuracy is as easy as pointing.  I am experimenting with 3 line sights.  Have you tried them?

Doc Shapiro:
I had 3 dot sight on the gun when I bought it orginially.  I hated the dots on the back!  They made me lazy.  I'd line up the dots and forget the rest of the sight picture.  The problem with this is that they were the  wrong height.  I was shootin low every time.  If the rear sight had been adjustable for elevation, I might have been able to make it work.



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