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Steel Challenge: The World Speed Shooting Championships


Doc Shapiro:
Information on the 2004 Steel Challenge is available at:

This includes rules, results (when they are posted), and the stages. 

Take a look at the stages and give it a try.  It's a lot of fun!  The accuracy demands are much more intense than in Cowboy.  This is the World Speed Shooting Championship.  These stages are tough to shoot fast!

Single Action Jackson won SA Revolver, TG Reaper 2nd, Kanada Kidd 3rd.
Jasmine Jesse was top Lady in the SA Revolver
SAJ also won the shotgun event with Kanada Kidd 2nd. 
SAJ was 2nd in .22 rifle.

The top 10 overall were:
T Sakai
KC Eusebio
JJ Racaza
M Jr Michael
T Jarrett
R Leatham
D Koenig
J Miculek
M Voit
J Ong

KC Eusebio is 14 years old I think. Way to go guys!



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