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1960 New Model Army

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Gentlemen, River Junction Trade Company has several of the Belgian made guns for sale.  They look to be in really nice condition.  I'm not connected to them in any way, but figured the folks here might be interested.

My bad.  They have ONE of them, but it's serial #C1.

Buckaroo Lou:
I looked and they have 5 of them. Two are with shoulder stocks.

I honestly don't know anything about them and have had only a few cap and ball pistols, although, I have always liked how they look. I did once own one of the Colt 2nd generation 1860 army stainless steel revolvers but traded it for something else years ago. Everytime I see an 1860 Army I wish I still had that revolver.

I have been on the lookout for one of the current conversion or open top revolvers and my soon spring for one.


BTW, they are 1860, not 1960  ;)

Looks like there are 5, but their titles are very confusing, IMO, by calling them "Real 2nd Gen Colts".  Calling them 2nd gen sounds like the rather common American finished Italian guns.  You have to read the description before finding out they are Belgian.  Maybe collectors call them "real 2nd gen" but I've never heard that.

It's pretty obvious I can't navigate a website properly.  Regardless, they look nice!


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