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Gentlemen,  I've always been curious as to how the Franklin Mint non-firing percussion pistols are made non-firing.  Do they not drill the cylinders or barrels?  Pot metal?  Just curious.

Major 2:
They are quite possibly, produced for Franklin Mint by Denix of Spain.... :-\
 Denix produces a wide variety of non-firing weapon wall hangers ... from Swords & Battleaxes, percussion pistols, Revolvers, Semi Auto pistols, Rifles, Machine pistols and even Machine guns.

Crow Choker:
The one's I've seen functioned as a working revolver, but didn't have the cylinder chambers fully bored. Neither the percussion or the fully bored through cylinder models. Bored some at the barrel end, but only an inch or so. Also saw one (a 73 Colt Peacemaker) that had the screw that is found at the end of the ejector shroud screwed up through the barrel. Was at a big antique and household type show back around six years ago in a large Iowa city being held at a large college arena. One of the sellers there had a Franklin mint John Wayne Commemorative Colt Peacemaker complete with holster and belt just like the Duke carried. The seller was stating that the gun could be converted over to firing real ammo. Also had a Colt Open Top or Conversion offered for sale that was a Franklin Mint production that he stated was a 'Genuine' Colt from the 1860's.

Started to question the guy acting like I was interested and a real uneducated Joe Blow on firearms. The speal' he gave me and the selling points were real works of art. Advised how the Duke special was a special run, could fire real ammo if converted over, and was a rare item. The Open Top/Conversion he stated was a real Colt product that Old Sam Colt developed himself just after the Civil War was over. He offered both of them to me at a special price. Advised that the Franklin Mint stampings on it were the result of some federal requirement for sale but it was really a 'Real Colt'.

 After I could take all that I could take I unloaded on him Advised him that the Franklin Mint guns could not be made to fire, that they didn't have the steel or metal to take the pressures of live ammo. Pointed out alot of things on them that prevented it and asked him what about the screw going up into the barrel that held the end of the ejector shroud. He said a shorter screw was available. The open top style Colt I pointed out to him was nothing but a cheap pot metal like Colt just like the Duke Special, that Colt didn't offer them until around 1870 (long after the war) and if Sam Colt died around 1862 how could he have help develop the revolver. I advised him he was a fraud, a liar, and out to scam someone. He grabbed them off his table he was showing them on to me and advised he wasn't selling to me. I went to one of the show officials and explained the guy and his fraud. The official went over and was talking to the guy. Next I saw the scammer taking his junk and putting it into a plastic tub. The official advised me he told the guy to get em off the table or leave and if they came back out, he would be tossed out and not allowed to return. The following year the wife and I went back to the same show and the scammer had several tables. As I walked by his eyes followed me and his face had the look of "Is that the guy or I know him from somewhere". He didn't have any of his valuable firearms the 2nd year.  ;D ;D ;D   


Gotta love those guys!

Major 2:
Several years ago, in one my weekly (or more frequent) visit to my friends FFL/LGS there was a
Denix Yellowboy.
I was told, it had belonged to a woman's late husband, and She was afraid of it thinking it real.
 She was told it was safe non-firing, but she wanted rid of it. The shop bought off her and I bought for $50


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