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I did a dumb thing......

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Knarley Bob:
I went and bought a pair of brass frame C&B pistols.
Now I have two big hunks of worthless brass, and a bunch of parts.
Is there anyway to replace the frames with new steel ones? The pistols are .44 Piettas......



 :) Oh Knarley One  ;)

Hindsight is such a gift.  First and foremost, there is nothing wrong with Brass Frame Cap Guns.  Tune 'em up and shoot away.  Just don't try and "magnumize" them or run 'em with cartridge conversions.

Other than that

In this instance, eBay is your friend.  There are several "breakers" who sell the parts and major assemblies of Cap Guns on eBay.  May take a week or two to get two, but they will come available.

People ARE hazardous to Yer Health

Lucky R. K.:

I have a pair of brass framed Pietta's that work very well with about 20 grains of 2F and a 160 grain bullet. I also have conversion cylinders for them that also work well with about the same loading of Cowboy Special brass.
Lucky  ;D

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Reverend P. Babcock Chase:
Howdy Lucky,

I have a brass '51 with an ancient .38 S&W conversion cylinder. I have been working up a light 148 gr. wadcutter load to expand enough to shoot well. I'm close to done. The gun is remarkably accurate with a minimal load. Now I just have to get the oal just right for proper insertion into the chambers. I believe that you should not have a problem with moderate BP loads. Just enjoy the guns.

Rev. Chase

Earl Brasse:
Just a couple thoughts on making lemonade out of those lemons...

Buy a set of new steel framed guns then cut the old barrels into "snubbies".
You will also end up with a pair of extra cylinders for reloads.
If you ever wanted a set of lowered hammers , here's your chance to experiment.
Plus the other spares.


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