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Richards Type II

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Pappy Hayes:
I purchased my Richard's shortly after they started making them. I had to send them back because the cylinder was rubbing on the frame after table. But the step came out to be less distinguished. I asked a gunsmith if he could work on them he didn't want to touch them. Here are pictures of the guns. Let me know your opinions, do they look too bad?

Crow Choker:
Pappy, ifin you hadnot had said something probably go unnoticed unless a person really started studying them. An uninformed person not in the loop about the manufacturing history of the open top style revolvers would never know the difference. They look ok IMO. My Richards II I bought back in late 2009 is my most perfect open top style Colt (be it cartridge or percussion) I ever bought as far as finish, timing, arbor, etc. It is my favorite open top style Colt conversion/Open Top model. Like the raw looks of them.

Major 2:
Ditto, mine was purchased in 07, it was or is my main match, when I should do another NCOWS match.

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Pappy Hayes:
Just going live with my guns. Just finished the grips on one of them.

Marshal Will Wingam:
That's a mighty fine one to live with. Thumbs-up!


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