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WTB — 7 1/2” 38-40 Uberti barrel


Flinch Morningwood:
Looking to swap out one or both of my 4 1/2” Uberti 38-40 SAA barrels for the 7 1/2” version.

These are not the easiest to find so any info will be a help!

Thanks in advance…

Navy Six:
A few years ago I did basically the same thing. Needed a second 7 1/2" 38-40 Uberti. The donor gun was a Uberti 4 3/4" 45 Colt. My friend, who did the swap for me, got the barrel and cylinder from Taylors, I believe(may have been VTI). The only difference from the original factory Uberti  38-40 was the replacement barrel had a thicker front sight made of German Silver. Swap came out great!

Flinch Morningwood:

I will try VTI. 

One more question….

Would the standard Uberti SAA barrel fit a Uberti Cimmeron? 

I’m thinking it would but I’ve been wrong before…😉.


Navy Six:
Flinch, I am unaware of Uberti changing barrel thread pitch at all, let alone according to Distributer. I have found that by calling both Taylors and VTI over the years any question I had was answered in detail. Don't hesitate to call.  Good Luck with your project.

Flinch Morningwood:
Found them at VTI….just in time for them to be an easy Xmas present from my wife.  😉

Thanks, everyone!


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