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Nickel Plating Backstrap and Trigger Guard

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Gentlemen,  Anyone here ever had the backstrap and trigger guard nickel plated to replicate the silver plating of the original Colts?  Why (other than cost) do the replicators not do that to start with?  Is it because most of the originals have all the silver plating worn off?  My guess is, most people buying the first replicas had no idea those parts were ever silver plated.  Did Colt do that all the time, or was it an option?


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Well Heck.  To speculate.  One has to take one's gun apart and send to the parts to be Nickel Plate (DIY is a Nuisance), and while the subject parts are on hiatus one cannot play with one's toy(s), which is also a nuisance.  Generally speaking it's just a pain to have done.  Of course, it does make good sense as pretty guns do shoot better.

In past sample examples, Armi San Marco use to Silver Plate the back strap on their conversions (not all) which looked really good.  Because of that, they shot really well too.  Along with that, Pietta offers an 1862 NYMP Percussion gun with a snazzy Nickel Plate back strap.  Even has a nifty lanyard ring.

Now, in all honesty, I have no clue how many, why, if, when, etc., Colt were shipped with Silver Plate back straps.  Never cared.  Not my cuppa coco.  Still don't care.  I have from time to time, been tempted to ship off a back strap or two for Nickel Plate but as mentioned above, I wouldn't be able to play with that particular toy, so skipped it.  Oh Well

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St. George:
The early Navy Colts were treble silver-plated, but after the military geared up, that dropped quickly in order to fill contracts.

The 2d Generation Navy was also treble silver-plated - though if it darkened, it looked blued (I got mine because of that happy fact leading the seller to think it was just another Italian repro- Simichrome and a Selvyt Cloth fixed it).

For 'my' money, silver plating is the way to replicate that look and any good jeweler can do it - nickel looks like chrome.


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Nickle does not look like chrome. Chrome has a very cold, bluish tint, more similar to stainless. Nickel has a similar warm bronze hue to white gold. This picture illustrates.

Montana Slim:
I've recommended the Caswell kits on one of the forums... & recall a couple cowboys tried, and were pleased with the results.



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