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357 to 38/40 or 32/20?


King Medallion:
As I just posted in the 92 Pic thread, I have this little carbine 38/357 I bought for my wife years ago, just sits in the safe. I got to thinking the other day about having this one converted to 38/40. And as usual, while looking at all the pic's in the 92 pic thread, there were a few 32/20's, which got me to thinking that caliber as well.
Which caliber would be the easiest and cheapest to convert, and where would I send it for the work to be done. Obviously the barrel would need boring, but the other things needing changing to accommodate the different caliber?

Black River Smith:
I am not the best person to give you a detailed response to your questions.  But I did ask a similar question years ago when I wanted a 38/40 1892.

Grayhawk on here is the 'expert' if you will, on this small caliber to 38/40(large caliber).  You can search his posts and find his detailed explanation about the entailed process.

In short it is easier to start with a 45Colt, 44Mag or 44/40 to get to a 38/40(44/40 is the most direct).  It is better when starting with a 357Mag to go to the 32/20.  Both ways listed makes for less internal parts changing.

A big issue is that large and small caliber rifles use 'specific' designed cartridge stops.  Cartridge guide rails will need to be changed or recut.  The barrel will need to be relined and chambered to the desired caliber, no matter what.


Johnson Barr:
I had John Taylor line and re-chamber my .38 Special AWA Lightning carbine barrel to .32-20. His work is excellent. For my work I had to 'line' with K&S brass tubing the magazine tube to reduce its inside diameter to accommodate the .32-20 cartridges. A little bit of diddling and the AWA carbine runs like a small frame Colt pump gun. Below is the contact information I have for John:

John Taylor
Taylor Machine
3530  13th  Street  #C
Lewiston, ID  83501

Cliff Fendley:
Yeah go with 32-20. Your bolt face and everything is going to be wrong for 38-40. 32-20 is close to the same size as a 357.

King Medallion:
I'm not going to mess with it. I'll either get a 73 in 38-40 or most likely another 1876.



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