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--- Quote from: 45 Dragoon on October 04, 2022, 02:01:55 PM ---Thanks Abilene ! The only "correction"  I'd make is a "Frontier" can be Uberti or Pietta. I have a Pietta Frontier.


--- End quote ---

That is not correct.  I think we've covered this before.  Cimarron's Frontier line is all Pietta (at least, all the blue/cc models.  See next paragraph regarding stainless).  Finding anything on Cimarron's website is a PITA, but if you can find any "Frontier" model listed that does not have a PP prefix on the model number, I'd like to see it.

To add to the confusion, in Cimarron's latest catalog the page with stainless Model P's and Stainless Thunderer calls them "Stainless Frontiers".  These are obviously Ubertis based on the pictures.  But their latest inventory list that I've seen still has stainless Piettas listed as "Stainless Frontiers" and stainless Ubertis as "Stainless Model P's" - so, is it possible that Cimarron has started calling their stainless Uberti Model P's "Frontier" ?  Possible, but I strongly suspect a mistake in the catalog.  I will check with Valerie at CFA.

Okay, I heard back from Valerie at Cimarron.  She admits it is confusing!  Cimarron owns the trademark "Stainless Frontier" and so they are now using that term for both Uberti and Pietta stainless guns.

But the non-stainless Frontiers are all Pietta.

45 Dragoon:
Yessir, I'd post a picture of it if this site was pic friendly but for whatever reason, it isn't to me so .  .  .   I'm too busy to sit and learn something I don't really need to know!! Lol!!!


So, I just talked with her too and yes!!! she doesn't know WHEN she'll see another s.s. Pietta!! Lol
 So you sir are correct!!! The blued Frontier is Pietta, the S.S. Frontier is Uberti!!  (mine is blued)


Kent Shootwell:
  .   I'm too busy to sit and learn something I don't really need to know!! Lol!!!
That’s what I told them all the way through high school!  ;D

Thanks to everyone, especially Abilene.  I'm at the "already-returned-3-guns-that weren't-4-click, irritated-with-sellers-who-won't-respond-to-questions" stage of frustration (and let's not get into the lack of clarity on Cimarron's website).  Had one "helpful" seller suggest I keep his 3-click 44-40 (that he previously said was a 4-click 44 special), and just replace the hammer/trigger/cylinder. . . .

Off to Gunbroker.


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