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--- Quote from: LongWalker on October 04, 2022, 05:51:10 PM ---Thanks to everyone, especially Abilene.  I'm at the "already-returned-3-guns-that weren't-4-click, irritated-with-sellers-who-won't-respond-to-questions" stage of frustration (and let's not get into the lack of clarity on Cimarron's website).  Had one "helpful" seller suggest I keep his 3-click 44-40 (that he previously said was a 4-click 44 special), and just replace the hammer/trigger/cylinder. . . .

Off to Gunbroker.

--- End quote ---

Sheesh, that really is bad luck!  But just FYI, Taylors has the old style triggers and hammers in stock right now.  I think their price has gone up but it is still WAY less than VTI, like more than 50% less!  A year or two ago I bought two from them to have "just in case" I find a deal on a 3-clicker.

Cliff Fendley:

--- Quote from: Coffinmaker on October 04, 2022, 09:49:50 AM --- :) Long Walker  ;)

Next up - Uberti.  Good Luck.  If the gun is really new build, it WILL have that stupid Firing Pin safety thingie.  Photos WILL NOT show that.  You have to trust the sellers will admit to that safety (good luck with that).

--- End quote ---

Not if it's a Cimarron old model P. They are still the old Colt action with a plain hammer, no safety gizmos of any shape or form in the hammer. Only the two step main pin to pass the safety muster.

I am pretty sure only the Cimmaron Old Model P will be a 4 click. If you get and Old Model type Uberti, aka black powder frame, from Dixie or Taylor's it will be a 3 click.

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I sort of forgot about Cimarron's Evil Roy.  Gene (E.R.) did NOT want to use a 3-click gun for the ER series.   For a while ER guns were being made with BP frames, but some sort of agreement was made and now his pre-war ER pistols are 4-click.  Here's one: https://evilroy.com/product/cimarron-evil-roy-single-action-revolver-4-75-357-magnum-38-special-consecutive-pair/

Thanks for the help guys!  Had a chance to do some side-by-side comparisons at the gun show last weekend.  Pretty sure I can recognize the trigger position differences Abilene was talking about.  A couple of my sample guns had the cylinder pin modified/replaced, but that will be something else to watch for.

Between Taylors and Cimarrons, there were close to 30 repro SAAs at the show, along with a couple of original Colts.  I took my 32-20 Cimarron as trade bait but didn't even take it out of the case.  Judging by the numbers I saw, I may give up on finding a 44 Special and just go with a 45 Colt. 

But that's on hold, as all my fun money is gone.  There's a monkey on my back who wollops me upside the head every time he sees a fixed-sight Nframe Smith.  This time he knocked me out, stole my money, and left me with a Model 58. 

Yep, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.  The search will resume when I've accumulated some more funds.


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